PWCC Submissions

PWCC Marketplace is the leading provider of liquidity for trading cards – whether your cards are authenticated and slabbed or raw and ready for review. PWCC offerings include auction and fixed price markets that draw in more than 200,000 potential buyers across the platform. To learn more, click here
Jaspy's has partnered with PWCC to make it easy for our customers to submit PWCC submissions straight from a break! Follow the steps below! Don't forget to use our code JASPY on your first PWCC submission! 
  1. Visit & create an account. 
  2. Once an account is created, click the “My PWCC” icon in the top right corner, and click “submissions.”
  3. Once you’re on the submission page, it will ask “where are you shipping your items from?” Click “third party” if the cards are coming straight from Jaspy’s. 
  4. Next, it asks what assets you are submitting. Select “Non-Authenticated (Raw) Trading Cards” if you’re submitting cards from a break. 
  5. PWCC requires all trading cards archived and sold to be authenticated. Estimated 10 day authentication turnaround for all authentication partners.
  6. Select how you want to auction/vault your cards. The weekly auction with MBA authentication is a $3 authentication fee per card. 
  7. Fill out the submission details on the next page. Where it says “enter promotional code” enter JASPY for your first submission. Customers who use our code can send a screenshot to for a $10 break credit. Please note this will only be issued for your first PWCC submission. If you are submitting your own cards from home, you can still use the partner code. 
  8. On the print & pack page, you do not need to do anything if Jaspy’s will be shipping for you.
  9. We can provide a tracking number once we ship out. We will ship out submissions 1x per week on average. 
  10.  After you finish on the PWCC website, fill out the form below!
    1. PWCC Vault ID can be found when you click the “MY PWCC” icon in the top right corner. 
    2. PWCC Submission # can be found when you click on “my submissions” under “MY PWCC”
    3. Make sure you include a description of the cards that need to be pulled, or have the breaker mark which cards you’d like pulled during the break. It is best to decide during the live break what should be pulled. 
  11. Please note that we will pull these items from your break. Please try to submit the forms as soon as possible (8 hours or under) so we have time to pull before we ship out your order. We often ship out orders in under 24 hours.